An underground society run by a rich couple who grew tired of today's sexist & capitalist world of corruption have introduced a new escape greater than any other drug, Fighting. The goal is to bring true equality back into humanity. However, a snooping reporter wants to expose the secret society as a world problem.


The Right to Fight Society has no gender barriers. Both Men and Women have equal play while in the battlefield.


Fighting brings out a high and addiction no substance in the world can ever achieve...

Times have changed, as men and woman have become equals on the battlefield, with no gender boundaries.

The Right to Fight Society is a psychological action thriller that promotes the true strength of a woman as a warrior with equal favor.

With an amazing stunt team, creative writers, producers,and a stellar cast... The Right to Fight Society is poised for success by creating a more unified world, as well as a fun movie with amazing choreography. An original story with entertaining yet positive messages.

The Right to Fight Society fulfills the demand for Original action Story telling in today's cinema market of generic movies.


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