Richard Novick

Richard has been a leader in the field of fight scene production for the past 30 years, specializing in video shorts and stories centered around heroic women. In 1983, he coined the term "Right to Fight Society" and has now embarked on a journey to bring this idea into a major motion picture.

Micah Brandt
Producer/Production Manager

Micah started filmmaking with a documentary project that took him half way around the world to Italy and later onto a Sundance award-winning short called, Exit 8A, directed by an NYU Alumni which won the Martin Scorsese Award that year. Nearly a decade later Micah went onto Managing and Producing his own Feature films realizing the vision of first-time Directors and fulfilling their dreams from concept to reality.

Micah's most recent Producing credits include "It's Not a Date," starring Eric Roberts, Nina Hartley, and Spanish Bomb-Shell Mari Cielo Pajares. Lastly, Micah is credited for producing the Teen Dance Movie, "Breaking Legs; Starring RIchard Riehle, Chris Kattan, and former Catwoman, Lee Meriwether. This film will be released later this year. Micah has also completed his Documentary Directorial debut, 'Robbery of the Heart," a passion project coming to a film festival near you, after years in the making.

Sean Wyn
Director/Stunt Coordinator/Fight Choreographer

Sean has been around the entertainment industry since he was born. With relatives that worked within the business side and more behind the camera, Sean was exposed to behind the scenes knowledge that has helped him embrace a better understanding of movie magic. At the age of 5, Sean was forced into learning 20 different martial arts disciplines to preserve his family´s culture and philosophy and was exposed to Jackie Chan movies.

8 years ago, Sean began to venture back into the film industry serving as Stunt Coordinator, Fight Choreographer and Action Editor to many projects. One movie, where he served as Producer alongside Uwe Boll, got worldwide distribution. Sean got to work with many top talented cast including Eric Roberts, Robert Davi, Dominque Swaine, James Duval, John Savage, Louis Mandylor, Maria Olsen and many more. Sean´s Jackie Chan influenced Persona has gained him a spotlight in the Jackass spinoff show, TBS´ Bam´s Badass Game Show, in episode 2 where he was cast alongside Bam Margera and his crew. Sean grew up with timeless classics such as Back to the Future, the original Star Wars Trilogy, Indiana Jones to name a few and wishes to bring original passionate emotional movies back into today´s generic, too overly-perfect CGI-fest movies. motion picture.